Ebenezer: Return Of The Scrooge
book by Keith Huff
music by Adryan Russ
lyric by Keith Huff and Adryan Russ

Picking up where A Christmas Carol leaves off, Ebenezer Scrooge "Keeps Christmas Well As Any Man in Town." Now in love with Christmas, Ebenezer wants to celebrate it "Every Single Day." When Scrooge's Christmas magnanimity threatens nephew Fred and his wife Christine of their inheritance, Christine enlists actors from her acting troupe to portray the ghosts of Christmas to spook Uncle Scrooge back to his penny-pinching senses. In his visit with the Ghost of Christmas Past, his young self, Young Ebenezer, returns to valuing money more than people: "This Is My Friend." He is joined by his older self, who is now back to the penny-pincher he once was.

Christine's plea to save her theater is ignored by Scrooge, so she vows to drive him to insanity and commit him to Bedlam during her performance at the theater: "Give and Take." On Scrooge's visit with the actor who portrays the Ghost of Christmas Future, he learns that Tiny Tim has died and hears Cratchit in mourning: The Soul Lives On. Can Scrooge's Christmas spirit survive the night? And will he support Christine's love for the theater?

Every Single Day
This Is My Friend
Give And Take
The Soul Lives On

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By Shelly Markham and Adryan Russ
Currently In-Development

It's 1940, post-Depression and pre-War, as a man whose dream to run a large theater that gives huge breaks to such promising, up-and-coming performers as Sophie Tucker and the Nicholas Brothers is challenged.

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